Degree Show - Emily Pogue

Emily Pogue

The final graduate I will be reviewing is Emily Pogue. Specialising in print for fashion she uses a combination of digital print and embroidery. Her biggest focus is colour and pattern which comes from nature and structural shapes within architecture. Using mixed media a a driving force behind her initial work, this is also something I am keen to develop and it will broaden my portfolio after graduation. She also used a combination of drawings and photography to explore new ways of designs. Being a printer myself this is an element that I have already touched upon but will be exploring this further during the practice unit.

Emily designs for womenswear and is solely set on digital print. Digital print is something I am keen to use during the rest of my practice as I developed moe knowledge of this in second year. Aimed at high end women wear this is a context I am not familiar with. As said in earlier post designing for a high end interior context is something that I am keen to explore more of but using other contexts as inspiration could push my work even further.

I also noticed that Emily had created a look book. Having this along side her work showed a professional standard. Her samples were well executed and finished. The overall display of her work was inspiring as I will be designing for interiors there will be more heavy weight fabrics whereas emily has used light weight fabrics, I will still take inspiration from her display to showcase my own work.

Emily Pogue. (Click to enlarge).

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