Degree Show - Farzana Ullah

Farzana Ullah

The next student I chose to review is Farazana Ullah who specialises in print. At first I didnt realise she was printer but once I read through her bio it soon became clear that she also uses a variety of materials combined with print to develop her designs. I feel that vertical and structured patterns play a key role in her work. Inspire by man made and natural elements she transforms flat surfaces into something raised and innovative.

Farzana Ullah. (Click to enlarge)

Like the work of Jess Mocaci I reviewed in the previous post, using raised surfaces is not something I though appealed to me. After studying her work I noticed that her laser cut samples were to a high quality as were the quality of finish on the samples. The only thing I wasn't really aware of was the context. Context is a key aspect I want to explore in the practice unit. Designing for interiors is my initial context but during the course of the year I would like to consider other contexts such as giftware and stationary.

There is a sense of a colour pallet within this range, greys, blacks and the metallic decoration and the embellishment with the added appliqué. They were all created by hand rather than using digital printing which I think displays a great deal of dedication, passion and skill. Her use of combining two disciplines has work really effectively.

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