Degree Show 2015 - Jess Mocaci

Jess Mocaci.

The first textile graduate I have chosen to review is Jess Mocaci. She uses a combination of embroidery and print, layered up to make tactile designs for interiors. Her degree show work had a strong architectural feel to it. The detailing in her drawings is fluid yet structural. Taking inspiration from her work, I would like to consider using the use of line more within my own design practice.

Jess Mocaci. (Click to enlarge).

Jess uses a variety of materials within her work which gives her designs a less flat look. This is not something I am familiar with but working with the puff binder in the print room could also achieve this texture look for my work.

Jess Mocaci Fabric Samples. (Click to enlarge)

The presentation of the samples I felt worked well between the textured fabrics and the hand drawn images. The boards are well mounted and I felt the presentation was strong which is also something I take great care in doing. As I would also like to design for interiors, the different ways of producing designs for this context is something I will bare in mind for the context.

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