Art Institute of Chicago

During my time in America I visited the Art Institute in Chicago. Renowned for its collections of art and human creativity the vast amount of old and new pieces what inspire the creative minds of todays generation.

Art Insitutue Chicago (Own Image)

Unfortunately the Textiles area was closed due to refurbishment which was disappointing but I soon found various other collections and areas that I soon became inspired by to forward my research for my third year project.

During my visit one of my favourite exhibitions was by Elena Manferdini. An Italian architect based in LA her current exhibition Building The Picture is a collection of 'installations that employ complex patterns, luscious colours, and rich textures to introduce new colours and visual narratives to challenge the clean lines and abstract forms of architectural modernism.' Being a fan of colour and architecture this is a great collection to take inspiration from for my third year project.

Another significant part of the institute was the Islamic Art section. As my underlining theme for third year is to do with design and architecture differences between eastern and western cultures. Getting to see old and intricate Islamic art up close was a great way to get a feel of how much work goes into these pieces.

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