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I am particularly keen to explore more into the interior design world. Looking at current companies and designers, I have started to put together a reference folder. With examples of current prints, fabrics and wallpaper samples, it will help develop my understanding of who and what I want to design for in the future. Companies such as Zoffany, Osborne & Little and Harlequin are currently inspiring my context. All designing for interior furnishings and wallpaper, collecting samples gives me an idea of weight and texture of fabrics and papers they use.

Samples from current interior companys

Over the course of the week, I decided it was time to start working in repeat. I only have some experience in this so doing this will challenge my way of designing. I am pleased that I have taught myself to learn half drop repeats and develop my own repeat styles, but I felt the design lacked something. In conjunction with my photographic and hand drawn images, I decided to add more textural detail into my designs. This has now given my designs a less flat look about them. After looking back through my images from Chicago, I wanted to try and recreate some of the textures I saw on the old Islamic tiles and window frames. Using different sized brushes and materials such as bubble wrap and combining them with the black indian ink and gold drawing ink, the start of adding the textures to my designs is looking promising.

I am now starting to feel that my designs have a better sense of direction and that designing in repeat is better for my chosen context.

Developing textures

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