Michael Kidner Live Brief - Final Designs, Context & Reflection

At the end of last week I came to a stand still with the brief as I was finding it hard to produce what I originally envisioned. Due to this I don't feel I have pushed myself as much. After talking to my tutor, I mentioned that I wanted to do something different and out of my comfort zone with my design process which I’ll be developing in my self initiated project. I did however try my initial thoughts on photoshop, which I then got digitally printed on crepe de chine. This primarily was to evaluate that type of fabric. As a dress fabric it was still the weight and feel I would consider for the voile curtains for this brief.

Crepe De Chine sample

After careful consideration, I felt that it was best for me to carry with one select design and have the design in different colour ways. The final design consists of a 52x200cm print with one of my motifs which has been manipulated and layered. I'v had the design printed on the wide format printer to show the scale but I would like it printed on fabric as well as the context is for a fabric interior accessory.

#context #Direction #reflection #design #OutwardFacing #Visualisation #Motif #sampling

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