Self Initiated Brief - Concept, Inspiration Direction & Outward Facing

Within my self initiated brief, I felt it was time to step out of my comfort zone and try a way of working that was different to my norm. Talking with my tutor in my tutorial, we agreed that by doing this is would broaden my portfolio. My main focus is to start working larger scale and be more expressive within my design process. Doing large scale and expressive mark making is a concept I am wanting to expand on.

My main inspiration came from found images of marble, smoke and lines within nature. I have created a pinterest board to show my direction of inspiration and how I want to develop this.

Michael Chase is a Washington based artist who focuses on capturing the art of decay through a camera. He also likes to create one off pieces of large scale mark making. The use of black and white is something that I have focused on using since the start of the practice unit and I will continue to start off my mark making process in black and white as I feel it makes the mark more bold and interesting. I intend to also experiment with other materials and inks to create diverse marks.

Mark making by Michael Chase

When visiting Tate Liverpool, I came across some of Franz Kline's work. His use of space has a calligraphic feel. This particular abstract painting was influenced by Japanese art, but his use of direction in the marks gives an structured and architectural sense about it.

Franz Kline - Meryon 1960- 1

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