Self Initiated Brief - Experimental Mark Making, Direction & Reflection

Over christmas I concentrated on developing marks on different backgrounds to create marbled, organic and watery textures. The outcomes were great and dynamic when placed along side each other. Even though these pieces are between A4 and A3 size you can really get an idea of the mood I am creating in my initial design process. I used spray paint, indian, drawing and brusho inks in water on top of surfaces such as foil, sandpaper and asatate. Some of them did however fail as the ink hardened on top of the water but these pieces created a daring and bolder texture on the surface. All producing unique aesthetics, I am excited to see how I can progress.

Experimentation with different materials and inks

I have also gone on to create A1 sized marks using indian ink and spray paint. Working on a larger scale was daunting for me at first as you are faced with a huge blank canvas to experiment with. Once I had my first mark down, I soon became more fluid in my mark making. To improve my phobia of working large scale, I carried on producing scaled marks which can then be scanned and worked in photoshop and illustrator.

Large scale mark making

Like Michael Chase, I want to use a camera as a tool to also experiment and develop. As I worked with some of my materials at night, when the flash was on it captured the gold spray paint brilliantly. I may continue to use these in the next stage of my brief because the quality of the left over spray paint in the water is a texture that could improve my designs.

Photos taken in the dark of left over gold spary paint in water (click to enlarge).

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