Self Initiated Brief - Context, Designs, Direction & Reflection

In keeping with the rest of my practice unit work, I am continuing to produce designs for interiors, but also looking into gift wrap. Gift wrap is a context I’m not familiar with, but I will be challenging myself to design for this context to improve my knowledge of different industries. I am particularly inspired by the gift wrap section in Marks and Spencers. After visiting M&S I found that for every gift wrap print you have a matching tag, ribbon, cards and stationary to accompany and compliment that design.

M&S markt research

At this point in the unit, I am considering my time scale. As much as I would enjoy putting together a giftware and stationary collection, in the amount of time I have left, I feel I could do this but it wouldn't be to the standard I would want. Giftware and stationary is defiantly a context I will be exploring in Unit x.

I’ve started to put together some non repeat designs as a starting point. These are more like design croquis which suggests a selection of a larger scale repeated print. Layering up my different textures works well as each one has a slightly different quality to it. I will start to design in repeat once I see what textures and marks work well together.

Initial designs

Over the course of the past week, I have felt that I've needed to bring in another element to my designs. Staying on the theme of organic lines in nature, I have begun to look into adding florals to my work. In Manchester city centre I came across an independent pop up florist in St Annes Square. I began taking close up photos of a variety of flowers. I have also looked into ways of arranging flowers. Images on Pinterest have led me to look at close up, arranged and clustered photographs of flowers.

Floral Inspiration Boards

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