Self Initiated Brief - Digital Drawing - Direction & Reflection

Here I have started to draw my floral motifs. I have done these on my Wacom drawing tablet because its something new and challenging for me, but also for my design process. Altering the opacity and hardness of the pen tool on photoshop has given my flowers a much more active quality to them. This is something I feel I haven’t quite mastered when drawing free hand with normal drawing materials.

A sample of digital drawings of flowers (Click to enlarge).

As the flowers are very linear, I decided to stylise by using the cut out filter within photoshop. I didn't intend on parts of the flowers changing colour but as an overall outcome, I feel it works well and will continue to use my saved presets to activate this again. Using the cut out filter has completely changed the way the flowers first looked. Giving them more of a straight edged and abstract look to them. Its exciting to see how they will work together when they’re layered up to create an all over print.

Styleised flowers using cut our filter on photoshop (Click to enlarge).

A few collections from interior companies such as Harlequin and have really influenced me within my self initiated brief. Harlequin’s Nettles collection for example features block colour floral motifs layered up in a repeat print for wallpaper and furnishings. Another collection is from Even though these two collections aren't in the same context as a high end fabric from Harlequin, their Camouflage and Celestial Dragon prints the concept behind them is bold, expressive and layered.

Camouflage Celestial Dragon Celestial Dragon

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