Self Initiated Brief - Designs, Visualisations & Outward Facing

Using a selective colour palette inspired by images of natural form and my digitally drawn and stylised flowers, I have begun to take a step back from the mark making and focus on creating design croquis for my chosen context of interiors. I feel I could potentially push the designing further and bring together the mark making and the digital flowers, but given the time frame I have left I will be focusing on making sure my current ideas and contextual research are communicated well.


Using photoshop to mask in my designs, I have started to visualise my current designs. By having a wide view on interiors, starting to mask my designs onto different styles and types of interiors is something I will continue to work on as this might make my designs more diverse and appeal to a wider audience.

Sample of visualisations for interiors

Even though my context is interior, I did mention I would have liked to of tried potentially progressing onto a giftware and stationary collection. Even though for me this wasn't possible, I have tried out a few designs as wrapping paper and used ribbon to compliment the print. Over all I think it works, but I will be gathering more research in the giftware industry.

Visualisation for a giftwrap context


During my time in the practice unit, I have taken it upon myself to make a start of putting me as a designer out there. Making an Instagram page just for my textile work have proved of great value as you get an insight into what elements of my designs get liked more. I couldpotentially in the future use this platform as a form of market and consumer research. Its also great to hear from other practitioners in the design world comment on what they think of your work. Creating my blog on a Wix page has also help kick start my professional direction. Even though its not a final website its giving me an idea and preparing me for unit x and life after graduation.

During assessment week I will be attending the Spring Fair 2016 at Birmingham’s NEC. This will give me an opportunity to further my research in to giftware and stationary context and talk to professionals that are current. I also spoke to my tutor about maybe looking into a fashion context as well, so attending London Fashion Week will gain me knowledge of what up and coming in the fashion world. Pushing myself into different contexts will not only strengthen my design process but also my portfolio for after graduation.

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