Bradford Textiles - Colour Palette, Direction & Reflection

I like to develop a colour palette quite early on in a project and then I am ready to dive in to the design process. From the beginning I knew I wanted to use gold within my designs because its not a colour you can digitally print easily. This is going to be challenging but having this colour will reflect my visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and the Art Institute of Chicago. This colour palette also reflects how I want to communicate the mood of my designs. Mixing the dark bold colours with the light calm colours represents the contrast of my emotions when at the museums and galleries.

Bradford Textiles Colour Palette

At this stage of the Bradford brief I have started to develop and assemble a collection of drawings focusing on motifs I found in Victoria & Albert Museum and Art Institute of Chicago. I have begun to layer up contrasting motifs so mixing large structural motifs with smaller quaint ones. By doing this I have started to think more about composition as I have been producing one off pieces which doesn't respond to the part of the Bradford brief I am working towards.

Inital Drawings

Working in repeat will come when I have a good understanding of my motifs and which ones I want to expand on. This process of elimination will give my designs more of a direction. Working in photoshop has also led me to discover ways I can manipulate my photographs as well. Using the stamp filter has let me develop my images and bring the block colour I was wanting to achieve.

Block Stamp Images

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