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Continuing to design in repeat, I have done further experimentation adding reflective and mosaic elements. This was inspired by the Turkish lamps and tableware found in Decor 37 (Matlock, Derbyshire). Working with these reflective motifs give my designs more movement. As mentioned in earlier posts I'm primarily designing for interiors so getting my designs printed on a heavyweight fabric was something I was keen to do. Sourcing my own fabrics will be something I will look into for future projects but for sampling purposes I used a cotton canvas that was available in the digital print room. Upon collecting my fabrics samples I noticed some of the colours had printed slightly duller and the weave of the fabric was to thick which made the designs look slightly distorted. These discoveries have made me think about getting the designs printed again but on cotton satin, a slightly lighter and finer woven fabric, making sure that my final submission to Bradford is exactly how I want it.

Reflected elements in designs

Beyond the digital fabric samples, I also used the wide format printer to show how two of my repeat designs would print on a large scale. These designs are 52cm x 200cm. Working on and towards a bigger scale has been challenging but also fun. Through this process I have found that I do prefer to work towards a bigger scale as on some designs detailing has been lost.

Wallpaper samples

Now I have created final designs, the next stage was to start clarifying my context with visualisations. Using images from my contextual reference folder from what I have received from companies to my advantage, I have started to trace around different types of curtains/ drapes, sofas and lamp shades. Also being selective with images I have found on Pinterest, I have dropped in my designs on other interiors, then working with them on Photoshop to create a less photographic image.

Design visualisation

At present, I have not yet chosen a final design for the Bradford submission. I really need to narrow my designs down and analyse whats the best repeat.

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