Bradford Textiles - Context, Concept & Direction

Maintaining my theme and work from the summer brief, I'm beginning to define my overall theme of eastern and western architectural design. At this point of the project, I've decided to mainly focus on the eastern aspect of my theme. Using photographs and hand drawn images, I want to build on these quickly and effectively as possible. With the motive of digitally printing my designs as this is a process I am confident in, I am keen to explore transfer printing as this is a quick process which is also used in industry when on a short time scale. I also intend to design large scale to fit my context of interior.

Summer Inspiration Board

Initially my context was broad, and given that ‘interiors’ is a wide subject, after talking with my tutor I have narrowed my context down to interior accessories. This has given me more of a direction of how to design for my chosen context, which includes wallpaper, curtains/ drapes lampshades and cushions. As I'm focusing on interior accessories, I've chosen to work towards the P2 of the Bradford Textiles Competition.

Building on my concept I want to focus on layering. Linda Florence is just one designer that will be influencing my work. Her use of large and small scale motifs layered on top of each other to create a frame where you can only see parts of the design is something I will be developing. Having that juxtaposition of different sized motifs so only parts of the design are revealed can be an element that makes my designs intriguing as its left to the viewers imagination to envision the hidden.

Linda Florence

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