Michael Kidner Live Brief - Getting to know Kidner, Context & Direction

For my next project I have chosen to focus on the Michael Kidner & Flowers East Gallery brief. Given the opportunity to talk to the Kidner family proved of value as I gained knowledge into how he used to work and what it meant to him to create these pieces of art.

Michael Kidner research

His use of colour was something that came afterwards which has led me to do the opposite and look into his use of colour first. Using photoshop I started to underpin his use of colour. His colours being bold and quite garish I want to try and use this and these are not colours I am used to working with, but I also want to put my own modern twist to his use of colour making it contemporary.

Colour research

Colour Palette

Still working towards an interior context, one main focus is on voile curtains. Taking inspiration for this idea from designers guild, I found that the market for this type of interior accessory isn't as popular as other accessories. Below are the initial images that inspired my desired context. The wieght of fabric is something I am not used to working with, but at this point in the project my main concerntration is on the print.

Images of voile curtain from designerguild.com

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