Michael Kidner Live Brief - Initial Drawings, Designs, Reflection & Direction

Using Kidner’s imagery for the primary source of inspiration, I have started drawing sections of his paintings. These are quite small so I will be making them larger scale to fit in with the large scale of my context. Starting off drawing in black and white I feel this is the best way of working for me as a starting point I like to work with block colour then develop them. Whilst analysing Kidner’s Pentagon collection there was no horizontal or vertical lines compared to his earlier collections. The geometric aspects of the Pentagon collection appealed to me the most as it reminded me of some of the images I previously looked at in the Bradford project when looking at eastern architecture.

Selection of Kidner's Pentagon Collection

Initial Drawings (Click to enlarge).

Using the motifs, I then added them into photoshop. The contrast between the bold motifs and the linear ones is a element I want to push. The concept for this project is based around the idea of ways of working and challenging the opposite. Where Kidner’s work is somewhat busy, I am going to try and step away from that and simplify.

Initail Designs (Click to enlarge).

Looking into different contexts for inspiration, I came across Koonhor, a Singapore fashion brand. Their prints for their Spring/ Summer 2013 collection is a different point to reference for this particular project as their use of cubic motifs are covering up the main print which is a concept I looked into in the Bradford brief.

Koonhor - S/S 2013

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