Practice Unit Evaluation

Over the course of the practice unit I have experimented and developed ideas and designs for an interior context. I have challenged my design process within my self initiated brief by working larger scale and with different materials. Using hand drawn and photographic elements was something I wanted to push after my summer work. I felt that the two worked well in conjunction with each other in the Bradford brief and will continue to develop this during unit x. I am pleased I have taught myself how to design in repeat and evolve my own set of repeats. Happy with my progression for designing for an interior context, I think it has made me as a designer know where and who I want to design for.

Using the live briefs to my advantage, building on networks for the future have proved a success. Particularly during the Kidner project, it was of great value to speak to the Kidner family and get their input. Having that time to ask specific questions to a professional audience to develop my own practice has gained me more confidence when approaching designers and practitioners in the future. I have also expanded my networks online by starting up a Wix website. This has given me a more professional look and gives me a platform to showcase my work digitally. As well as my Wix, I have created a Instagram just for my textile work. By doing this, not only do I get an insight into how designers show their work but also to get feed back on my current development. This is quite a simple process, but I have already gained contacts in the textile world.

Presentation has always been a key aspect of my work and I feel the way I present my work not only in hand in but online gives a good first impression. By using portfolios and folders in a professional layout, I want to continue to do this for unit x. My body of work is varied and diverse and during unit x I want to develop my context more. During the practice unit I touched upon design a giftware and stationary range but I would also like to challenge myself to also design for fashion. During the presentations at the start of the unit, being focused and to the point is something as a person I will be working on as I feel I tend to waffle sometimes. Ethical awareness is an aspects I want to develop in unit x as this could potentially make my work appeal to more audiences. Sourcing my own fabrics and using outside companies to develop my portfolio is also something I am keen to generate.

During past project, I felt that my blog has let me down. During the practice unit, I made a great effort to fully reflect my work and be to the point. Knowing that my writing skills have let me down in the past, I have spent extra time developing my level of communication.

Unit x will see me continuing to develop my level of understanding for designing for different contexts. I would also like to take my work into the print room and maybe try and use traditional ways of printing and develop these into placement prints for interior furnishings. I will carry on working large scale as this is the challenging concept I found the most innovative during the practice unit.

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