Unit X - Drawing & Mark Making Development

Within the practice unit, I started to work with mark making. This is a process I have developed through Unit X as well as I felt like I could explore the process more by working with restricted materials to really get a feel and explore what I am working with. Using brushes and drawing inks, I have started to develop more and more marks I am happy with. I've felt that carrying on working larger scale has helped me develop this more as I can get larger marks as I working towards an interior context.

Just like my exploration into mark making, I want to concentrate on using my Wacom tablet as a main drawing tool. Using this to develop the use of colour has given my work a new mood and instead of using a normal line drawing, developing my drawing has become a vital part of my design process. Using the cut out tool on photoshop still gives me that angular and abstract look to my drawing, and when layered on top of each other with different opacities complement each motif in an innovate way.

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