Unit X - Sheffield's Botanical & Winter Gardens

After visiting the florist, I found that I wanted more variation within my inspiration and drawings. I would have liked to go to the Eden Project in Cornwall, but due to travel circumstances this wasn't possible. I then decided to visit Sheffield's botanical and winter gardens.

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Looking at different plants, trees, flowers and foliage it has given my inspiration more depth. The Botanical Gardens had a lot more smaller plants but more of a broader range, whereas the Winter Gardens, because its a tall building the trees had a lot more height to them which made the leaves and roots a lot more tactile to look at.

Whilst there, I did some small observational drawings and marked colours what caught my eye. On one particular flower that caught my eye was the White South African Daisy. Even though the most dominant colour was white, the dark purple and blues along side the bright orange gave me the idea for a new colour palette.

With my Pantone cards I bought at the Art Institute in Chicago, I have now put together a new and finalised colour palette. As I have always been conscious of colour and have struggled in the past with digitally printing as sometimes its come out duller. As this is a worry for me for my final project, I have converted my Pantone colour palette to RGB so hopefully my designs will print exactly as it is on screen. I will be doing tester samples before printing larger pieces to make sure there is no mistakes.

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