Unit X - Website and Brand

During the practice unit, I touched on creating a 'brand' but exploring this in more depth is an element I want to push within Unit X. I have already started on my website which will continue to be a work in progress. Having a professional approach to my work and the way I present my work has always played a huge part in my work so having the digital side to back this up, I believe will a kick start into the professional world.

I have gathered sample packs from online printing companies such as Printed.com and Moo.com to see what they offer. I knew from the very beginning that I will be wanting business cards printed but it was the case of deciding what finish I want and what the companies offered. In the end I went with Moo.com which sent me a sample pack of 10 business cards to see if they were what I wanted before buying a bulk. I am extremely happy with the quality and having the matte finish gave the cards a lovely touch.

Keeping the fonts and imagery in unison with my website, I have also decided to get round stickers printed for the headers for my fabric samples. These have also been printed to a high standard and will be using Moo.com in the future.

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