Unit X - Wallpaper sampling & engaging with outside companies

Along side my furnishing fabrics, another context I have chosen to carry on exploring is wallpaper. As I am more competent in using the wide format printers at uni, I've found that using this as a source of sampling lengths and repeats has been of value. I printed on the matte paper which it thinner than actual wallpaper but its shows off what I am trying to achieve within my wallpaper designs. I have only ever had one problem with the wide format printers but every other time the colours have come out perfectly and detail is captured really well.

Own Image

Over the past few weeks I have been contacting local companies that print on wallpaper. I asked the companies if they were able to send me a sample of the wallpaper they print on so I can see the different weights and textures. During my tutorial after I had received the samples the company I was considering going with I found that the wallpaper was too textural and would possible distort my design slightly. During the rest of this week I will be reconnecting with them to see if they print on a smooth matte medium weight paper. I have still printed out other wallpaper samples on the wide format printer as its great my designs to come to life on a large scale.

Own Image - Matte Wallpaper (Wide format printer)

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