Unit X - Fabric sampling & engaging with outside companies

During this unit it has been important to me to print on the right fabrics form chosen context. Having my fabric printed in the UK is also something that I wanted to achieve.

In the practice unit, one of the fabrics I printed on was the cotton canvas as it was a durable and thick furnishing fabric, however because of the detailing in the design the print came out distorted. Taking this into account I have decided to go with a cotton satin for my main furnishing fabric. Because the cotton satin has a sheen to it, the nature of my prints have come out looking more luxurious.

Own Image - Cotton Satin

Another one of my contexts is voile curtains. This is also a context I briefly looked into in the practice unit by printing of crepe de sheen. As this is more of a dress making fabric after sampling some of my designs on the georgette, I've found that the overall feel and look is what I was trying to recreate. I will be printing off my designs on the georgette for my final degree show. I printed out four of my designs firstly and the colours came out perfectly and was extremely happy with as I have put time aside to make sure the colours would come out exactly how I want them, however when I submitted all of my final designs to be printed, the colour came out duller. After approaching the situation I was told that if I spent the same amount to get them all printed again they would probably come out duller again. As this technical is out of my hands and money has started to become tight, I was unable to take the risk to get the georgette reprinted. This is extremely disappointing as I couldn't see why the colours had come out duller on my final prints as it was exactly the same file I sent when I printed out my first four.

Own Images - Georgette (right colours)

When looking at what different fabrics you could buy in to get print in the digital print room at uni, I came across a furnishing velvet. I have always looked the look and feel of a furnishing velvet but have never digitally printed on it. I contacted the main supplier in Macclesfield who also digital print but unfortunately the minimum you could buy was 20m and this is a lot more than what I was going for. After debating this I decided to to try bagsoflove.com who I have heard good reviews from other students, I ordered a sample fabric pack to see what all the fabrics look and feel like. After my tutorial I found that if I was going to print on any of the velvets it would be the velvet shimmer, as the design on the fabric swatch was more details and you didn't loose the design unlike the plush velvet and the suede vision. After deciding what designs to get printed I knew that it was a long shot that they would get printed in time for my to over lock iron and head them. Fortunately they came within two days which gave me the time to finish them off to a professional standard.

Own Image - Velvet Shimmer

I am really happy with the quality of the print and fabric that came from bagsoflove.com and have decided that for the degree show I will be getting my lengths of georgette printed form there as I feel they have exceed my exception and that printing 2x 300cm lengths from here will be more accurate.

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