Unit X - Shop Report, House of Hackney

When I in London for Fashion week, I visited House Of Hackney one of my influential design houses for my current project. I have been wanting to visit here for some time as I love their overall concept and characteristics of the design house.

Their current window display at the time was their Autumn/ Winter wallpaper collection in collaboration with William Morris. This gave me ideas about my own personal practice and how I would display my wallpaper design at degree show.

Own Image

When looking around the shop, every inch of the building was filled with their 'look' which created an overall dramatic mood but with a fun and energetic side.

Their products and designs were displayed beautifully and in unison with each other Their homeware and giftware were my favourite as this is my current context, but in-between their main interior collections were their current fashion collections featuring similar prints. It was nice to see a mixture of context integrated with each other.

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