Unit X - Evaluation

During my time in Unit X I have created and finalised the majority of the tasks I set and challenged myself to do in my learning agreement. I have been successful in creating a print collection for a interior context exploring furnishing fabrics and wallpaper. Using hand drawn, mark making and photographic elements was something I wanted to expand on from the practice unit and it has worked well through my final ideas and designs for my collection. Pushing myself to work more on my observational drawing, I found that using a restricted set of tools and mediums has led me to a style of drawing I love. Happy with my progression for designing for an interior context, It has made me as a designer know where and who I want to design for.

Designing wallpaper and furnishing fabrics, I have found that attending the Spring Fair gave me an insight into how the industry works and what the possibilities are after graduation. Getting advice from industry professionals has given me the confidence to approach companies and freelance designers in the future for internships, jobs and collaborations. Connecting with local companies, which I have documented, has opened my eyes to what you can achieve after university as the facilities would be restricted. All the companies I have connected with have been of great use to my practice. Using moo.com to print business cards and stickers and bagsoflove.com to print my velvet furnishing fabric, I am extremely happy and grateful for the professionalism and quality I have received. Sampling my work has played a key part in my practice as when I submitted my designs again to be printed onto the georgette the colour came out severely duller than the previous. As I spent a great deal of time converting my Pantone colour to RGB to make sure the colours came out right, it was a disappoint to hear that if printed them again they would probably come out the same. During hand in week, I will be getting my lengths of fabrics printed from bagsoflove.com as the samples came out as planned.

Presentation has always been a key aspect of my work and I feel the way I present my work not only in hand in and degree show but online gives a good first impression. By using portfolios and folders in a professional layout, I have continued to sustain the professional and mature standard of presentation for my work. Continuing to document my practice and process digitally via my blog has played a vital part during unit X. Both current and past projects have also been documented and showcased on my website as a online portfolios. Showing through selective images and text about each project, it gives the reader an indication of the project without giving too much away.

Unit X has seen me continuing to develop my level of understanding for designing for an interior context. I have been successful in creating a logo/ brand which I intended to do in my learning agreement. Another aspect of my learning agreement was to look into designing for offices and hotels but have chosen to focus on interiors as this is my passion. Putting together my design portfolio has already helped me gain interviews and thinking about my future and life after graduation, I am happy with the overall content and layout and would like to continue to add work to this in the future.

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