All good things come to an end ... or do they?

That is it. Degree show is over and its just a matter of weeks until we get our final grade. This year has been a whirlwind but a fun and exciting whirlwind. It was great to see everyones work come together and enjoy the creativity that has surrounded me for 3 years. The amount of work and dedication that have gone into these three years is phenomenal and really did show at the Degree Show. Overall I was happy with the layout of my section as I didn't want it over crowded with loads of different samples. Placing my velvet and cotton statin samples upstairs on the sample table let my lengths of wallpaper and fabric show off themselves.

My Degree Show Space

Images of other students work in the degree show.

Next week I've been given the opportunity to showcase my work at New Designers and have been offered a job from September at a private boarding school as an Art/ Textiles teacher where I will be undertaking my teacher training. All very exciting things ahead of me!

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